It’s just ‘old-fashioned’ junk.

I don’t want your junk……

It is quite humorous when talking to someone about anything vintage.  If I am talking to someone much older than me, it is obvious that the term vintage is not regularly in their vocabulary.  If I am conversing with someone much younger than me, it is also apparent that the term vintage is not a common vocabulary word for them either.  So, how do these two different age categories describe vintage items?  Reflecting back, I can remember my elders always classifying aged and worn-out items as ‘antiques’ or ‘priceless treasures’.  Unfortunately, I related more to the mindset of the younger individuals.  As a youngster, I never viewed vintage items as antique and priceless.  Instead, like many of the young today, I looked at those aged and worn-out items as out dated,’old-fashioned’ junk.  It belonged in the garbage.


I can remember wondering why my mom kept many of the things she did instead of just throwing it out to the garbage.  I also remember thinking that my maw-maw (the term many cajuns use instead of grandmother) had so much junk that it was a miracle she could ever find anything.  Many of us think of hoarders when we think of people who collect a lot of things and never throw anything away.  Honestly, if there were television shows about hoarders back then, I probably would have called the network because I believed some of my own family members were hoarders.

Now please do not misunderstand, her junk was ‘organized’ junk.  There was never one incident where I walked into my grandparents’ house and found a mess.  Her table tops were always clean and ready for lunch, dinner, or a regular game of pedro.  Her countertops always consisted of the same items: canisters for coffee, sugar, and rice, their rotary telephone, two telephone books (local and long distance), a towel near the sink for drying dishes, and much later a microwave oven.  Every bedroom was always neat and tidy with perfectly made beds as if she had just put fresh linens on them.  Her sewing room was so organized and put together that it never looked like she was working on anything.  The only evidence of her crochet projects was the storage contraption she kept on the side of her rocking chair.  She was always working on a blanket for someone, so that storage bag was never empty.  She was the prime example of someone who had ‘organized’ junk.  She had closets full of things that she considered priceless antiques or valuables.  Everything was worth something to her, and she knew exactly what she had.  If one piece of priceless ‘junk’ went missing, she knew exactly what was missing.  Of course, now I can’t call any of her things junk, nor can I call any of my mom’s things junk.  Instead, I am just hoping that I can inherit as much of that ‘junk’ as possible because I now understand the value of these precious treasures.


Hello!  My name is Tansy, and I am addicted to everything vintage.  I now find myself regularly visiting antique shops and flea markets in hopes of finding more of my precious treasures.  It is both fortunate and unfortunate that many of these vintage treasures are priced the way they are.  Luckily, there is a wonderland of vintage goodies both expensive and non expensive available to us.  Naturally, surviving on a teacher’s income prevents me from buying any of those expensive treasures, but that doesn’t mean that the less expensive things are worthless.  I know there are many antique connoisseurs, but my love for vintage goods has nothing to do with value or how much money it can make for me.  I honestly do not care if a vintage tea set is worth $30 today, and it is worth $20 in fifty years.  If its vintage character suits whatever my decorating theme may be, then that is more valuable than its price.  I have a great love for ‘junk’.  I am a firm believer in the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  So, if you see someone digging through your trash one day, do not automatically assume the worst about their situation.  They just may be digging for some treasure you threw away that is indeed PRECIOUSSS!  So, I must ask….


Every day is a beautiful day…be sure to find the blessings and beauty in it! Happy Decorating!

Stay tuned for my next blog on: The Truth About “Vintage”