Rome wasn’t built in a day.


112_wine_dine-911996-twobyoneMy plan was that my next blog would be about my New Year’s Resolutions, and how they affect me as an entrepreneur.  While I do intend to blog a little about that at some point, I am impacted by how difficult it is to give up certain things we love….mostly because it is a comfort rather than an addiction. Not being able to give up comfortable things hinders our ability to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions.  There are 3 things that have always been my weaknesses: Coca-Cola, ice cream, and coffee.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love coffee!!!!!  Although, I can’t help but laugh at the images above because that is how most people feel about coffee, or caffeine rather.  However, my love for coffee is simply because I love the way it tastes.  I have never been the type of person who needs coffee to wake up or stay awake, but I do know that some people are definitely like that.  Coffee is just so much fun because there are so many different flavors suitable for various personalities.  Besides, coffee helps your body function properly….if you know what I mean.


Who doesn’t want a mug like this? If anyone knows where I can get this mug….please leave a comment below.  Thanks!  So, needless to say, out of the three things that I consider my weakness, coffee is the hardest to let go.

In many ways, Coca-Cola became a love of mine like coffee has been.  However, at one time I switched to diet drinks because everyone talked about how many calories a regular Coke contained.  So, for a while, all I had been drinking were diet drinks.  Then a very good friend of mine enlightened me on how bad diet drinks actually were, so I quit diet drinks altogether.  Unfortunately, it was difficult for me to kick the Coke habit because it was such a comfort drink.  During those hot Louisiana afternoons, it was habit that I would stop at a convenience store on my way home from school and pick up a cold Coca-Cola to drink during the ride home.  I thought I was doing better because I wasn’t drinking diet drinks anymore.  My motto was, “If you are going to drink a Coke–it might as well be a real one.”  My Coke intake started increasing because let’s face it, something sweet tasting is so much more interesting than plain ole’ water.  So, I lived with my Coke habit, but I was suffering tremendously from it.


It had become a bigger addiction than my love for coffee.  You see, if I don’t get to drink coffee some days, it is no big deal.  I don’t feel like I’ve missed my daily vitamins, or anything like that.  On the other hand, if I didn’t drink a Coke one day…..I felt the bad headaches come rushing towards me, like the herd Scar sent running towards Simba in order to kill him.  It’s completely insane how one thing can affect us so much.


Sometimes it is easy to give up certain habits, but at other times it is as if it takes an act of Congress just to decrease them.  Ice cream was definitely one of those things that Congress had to step in to help me kick the habit.  I grew up in a family that ice cream was part of our nightly ritual.  My grandmother loved ice cream so much, that even during the coldest of winters, you’d find her sitting next to the space heater eating her ice cream.  Unlike Coca-Cola, ice cream was definitely a comfort food, and it seemed every night I needed comforting.  By all means, I had to have my ice cream!

So, how does one stick to New Year’s Resolutions when things such as these are comforts and addictions in daily life?  I had no idea how I would kick these habits.

I was in desperate need of a change in my life.  I had never been one to include exercise in my weekly routines because I was blessed with good genes, so I never had to really work out to stay slim.  Then I turned 40!  My 40th year wasn’t so bad because I was still able to eat what I regularly ate without it affected me too much.  Towards the end of the 40th year, I was beginning to notice that my body was changing.  I’d eat what I normally ate, but for some reason I started gaining weight.  I tried decreasing my portions, but that didn’t seem to make much of a difference either.  I was still drinking Cokes, coffee, and eating ice cream pretty regularly, but I wasn’t willing to give it up because I loved them.

Thankfully, I came across a company called It Works, and I found out that they promoted health and wellness products.  I was always apprehensive of many health products I came across over the years, but after researching this company, I was intrigued by the naturalness of it all.  My first priority was to find a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my diet, but fresh produce is not always the cheapest thing to buy every day.  It Works had a fruit and vegetable blend called Greens, and I found out that it would give me my 8 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.  That was right up my alley.  So, I started taking my It Works Greens daily, and felt that I was on the right track.  I was beginning to feel better and had more energy, but I still had to do something about the rapid weight gaining problem.

I recently started on what It Works calls, Triple Threat.  Triple Threat includes the Greens, Thermofit (helps to increase metabolism), and FatFighters (helps to decrease the amount of fat and carbs in your meals).  At first I wasn’t noticing a difference in my weight, but I have recently made some changes that is a positive result of Triple Threat.  I gave up Coca-Cola.  I eat ice cream on very rare occasions, and my coffee intake has decreased to a cup a day–IF I even manage a cup a day.  I don’t crave any of my three weaknesses any longer, and I am feeling great.  I am also exercising more than I ever have because I have tons of energy now.

I have tons of resolutions I want to achieve this year, and weight loss is one of the major ones.  I didn’t want a product that was going give me a rapid weight loss because we all know what happens when someone loses weight quickly.  Once a little weight begins to come back, it hits you like a eighteen wheeler.  Before you know it, you gained the lost weight back plus some.  Besides, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  A healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.


Sometimes New Year’s Resolutions require baby steps.  You won’t achieve your goals by expecting them to happen overnight.  Just because your success doesn’t happen instantly, don’t give up on the bigger picture.  Track your daily journey.  It is okay if you have a setback.  You mustn’t be hard on yourself when there is a set back here and there.  The most difficult thing about health and wellness is starting.  So, once you start towards a healthier you…..push forward and keep going because then you will never have to ‘start’ again.

If you would like more information about the health and wellness products It Works offers, please feel free to visit my site.  There is truly something for everyone there.  What is even better is that if you become a loyal customer for only 3 months, you will be able to purchase products at my 40% discount instead of retail price.

In conclusion, don’t allow the challenges to become overwhelming.  Approach those resolutions step by step and keep track of what you are doing to get to the end result.  Ya’ll, we can do this.  We can achieve every goal we set because we have the tools and power to do so.  I believe in you.  Do YOU believe in you?



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