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I am a high school and middle school choir and drama director deep in south Louisiana. Actually, the correct terminology known to everyone here is ‘down da bayou’. Deep in south Louisiana, along Bayou Lafourche, I was born and raised in one of the friendliest communities in the South. Down here everybody knows everybody; either people know who you are, or they know who your family members are. Trust me, as a child, living in such a close-knit community didn’t always work to your advantage. If something happened that you didn’t want mom and dad to know about, it was guaranteed that they already knew by the time you returned home. As a child I really hated that reality, but as an adult I can see the advantages of living in such a close community. Regardless, when I became an “adult” I moved FAR away because I never wanted to live ‘down da bayou’ ever again. I moved all the way to “North Louisiana”. For those who are wondering, that is a whole 6 hours away. While experiencing the great north (cough, cough), I lived in Ruston after graduating from Louisiana Tech University (How ’bout them Dawgs!), then moved to West Monroe, then moved to Ruston again, and then I settled in Shreveport, Louisiana for the remaining and longest part of my time. Like many youngsters who swore they would never move back to their home towns, only to return at some point, I decided to return to the bayou and began teaching at my high school’s rival high school. I must add, life is quite interesting and tends to throw curve balls here and there. I’ve been back ‘down da bayou’ for 7 years now, and I have developed a newfound appreciation for the place I wanted to run away from all those years ago. It is difficult not to fall in love with the beauty and culture south Louisiana has to offer. No matter where we go in life, there’s no place like home.


So, here I am, back on the bayou and enjoying every part of my life. Luckily, I have been blessed with a wonderful man (refer to that handsome male human in the picture) who thinks the world of me and is supportive of all my endeavors, hopes, goals, and dreams. God always knows exactly who and what we need in life in order for us to become closer to Him and the path we are meant to follow in order to do His will. Every day is a complete miracle to me because I have so much to be thankful for. Of course, I must not leave out the big, fur-ball of a blessing that came to us in a wonderfully surprising manner (refer to that handsome male dog in the picture). Perhaps I’ll blog about how God threw those two into my life at the precise time necessary. Rest easy…I’ll be sure to add a little vintage flare to the mix so that I stay true to the purpose and goal of this blog. Nonetheless, life is wonderful and never dull with these two wonderful guys I get to share it with each and every day. I thank God for those wonderful miracles daily.

Speaking of that Creator of mine, I have noticed that I get some of the craziest ideas and have no idea how and why they even came to mind. I sometimes wonder why He makes me the guinea pig when it comes to some of these ideas, but who am I to question the Big Boss. Needless to say, aside from teaching choir and drama, I have a tremendous passion for design, decor, photography, and planning any unique and special event. People have often asked where these creative traits come from, and besides my Creator being the culprit behind it all, I must give kudos to my mom for contributing to my creative craziness.

I grew up playing with beautiful dolls and having imaginary tea parties with them. My mom is a very talented seamstress, so needless to say, I grew up wearing dresses with as many ruffles, beads, and frills imaginable. I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it has been to go through life with a mom who has so many wonderful, creative talents. Of course, the one downside to having such a creative mom was those times she came up with “The Ultimate Costume” in order to win the many costume contests she put me in. If mom made a costume for a contest, that also meant it was my costume for Trick or Treating also.


Clearly you can see why this was a problem one particular year. Those were not my real hands! My real hands had the job of lifting the box from the inside in order for walking to actually take place. As you can see, it was inevitable that having a talented mom on hand has helped me to love, understand, and appreciate the time invested in homemade treasures and the occasional odd costume. I do not believe in discarding priceless treasures because often times they are one of a kind. So, call me a hoarder if you must….I am completely fine with my type of hoarding. 🙂

My love for homemade things, ruffles, bling, beads, frills, costumes, and all things vintage has led me on this new journey that I am completely excited about. Although I have enjoyed teaching music for 14 years in both public and private school systems (I won’t even begin to calculate the years I’ve taught privately–it might cause me to have a different perspective of my age.), I have found deeper passion in designing and decorating. This new passion I’ve developed over the years has opened other doors for me and caused me to pursue yet another goal in life. I am the creator and director for “Southern Vintage Parties & Soirée’s”. We specialize in small events like teas, luncheons, birthday parties, business meetings, anniversaries, dinners, and anything requiring a much more intimate setting. I know exactly how time consuming it is to plan and prepare for large events, but smaller events can be just as time consuming and stressful. Depending on the intimacy of the event, they can cause even greater stress because of the need for everything to be perfect.

Unfortunately, I am deep in the South and travel to the great unknown is sometimes limited, hence the reason this blog has been created. My hope is to be able to give my readers insight, tips, and tricks in order to create the perfect event. In addition to tips and tricks, I will also share any available information on sales, cheap buys, and money saving ideas when planning events and decorating. Rest assured, when you survive on a teacher’s salary, cheap is always the best option. Although I do love a contemporary flare here and there, the majority of the topics I blog about will be ‘not so contemporary’. Nonetheless, do not be surprised if you come across a topic on some crazy, contemporary things I may like. Rest assured, it does not mean that I’ve gone mad. Or have I? “We’re all mad here.” I love variety!

I look forward to designing, decorating, dining, and talking about Disney with all of you. Every day is a beautiful day when you find the blessings and beauty in everything. Happy Decorating!

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